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Description of my audio roles included in the video below:

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Additional Work
Wrapped: Berlin International Sound Design Competition. 

Roles: Sound design and editing. Final Mix
This is my entry into the Berlin International Sound Design Competition 2018, of which I placed among the top 15.
Sounds were used from existing SFX libraries I own as well as sounds I recorded. For the first city scenes I recorded traffic noise from a moving vehicle and focused on the sounds of cars passing by. These were edited, chopped and time stretched to compliment the time lapse effect of the film. To round things off, I layered a city soundscape from an existing SFX library on top of everything.
For vegetation noises I rustled different branches, shrubs and leaves. To add a wet sound to it, I recorded a wet shammy. Wires snapping as the bridge collapses were created recording a slinky.

The Music and Sound Design for the Film “Wrapped” are created for the Berlin International Film Scoring and Sound Design Competition ( and they are not part of the original version of the Film.

Original Credits
Produced by: Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg
3D LEAD: Roman Kaelin and Florian Wittmann
RAT RIGGING: Pascal Floerks
ADDITIONAL EFFECTS: Felix Hoerlein and Amit Rojtblat
ADDITIONAL COMPOSITING: Matthias Baeuerle, Christoph Hoffmann, Denis Krez, Vincent Langer, Manuel Rivoir and Alexander Scholz
CONCEPT ART: Juan Carlos Barquet
MATTE PAINTING: Christoph Hoffmann
SOUND DESIGN: Philip von During
MASTERING: Marvin H. Keil
Link to the original version of the film:  

International Firefighter Day 2018
Roles: Camera. Boom. Sound Design. Sound & Music Editing. Final Mix.  
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